Pink Punch


Genre: Young adult/sci fi/fantasy/superheroes

Current status: Final draft – looking for publishers


When 14-year old Kris Mahrone discovers her mother is the infamous superhero, Pink Punch, she’s shocked. Pink Punch packs one mean punch with her nanite-powered armoured suit, and she can build any weapon in the palm of her hand. Pink is investigating TechCorp’s plans to sell armoured suits to the police force, which would allow the company to manipulate the cops, and she swears Kris to secrecy, moments before being caught in an explosion that puts her into a coma.

With the real Pink Punch out of commission, Kris puts on Pink’s suit and continues her mother’s investigations. Kris has no idea what she is doing, and needs the help of the city’s other heroes. But a superhero is expected to do more than pursue her own agenda. Kris must agree to help them fight crime, and this means putting up with the annoying young superhero, Zero K, who goes out of his way to impress Pink Punch, and fails miserably. Kris must also keep her late-night escapades secret from her father, a detective in the police service’s Vigilante Crimes Unit, who, on top of his already considerable dislike of superheroes, is convinced Pink is the reason his wife is in a coma.

As the Boss, the CEO of TechCorp, begins paying villains to take Pink down, Kris realises even with all her powers she is still vulnerable. Should she continue as Pink Punch, risking getting hurt like her mother, or worse? When the Boss gives Kris’ father a suit that allows him to fight and arrest Pink Punch, putting both him and Zero K in danger, Kris must step up to the plate to protect her family and the city, despite her fears.

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