I’m doing Nanowrimo this November!

Which starts tomorrow! I am currently panicking because I don’t feel ready. But I never do, and it hasn’t stopped me before. So it should all be good.

This year, I’m doing a superhero novel. I still haven’t figured out technically what genre this is, or if it’s its own genre, but I can figure that out later. I’ve just set up the synopsis, and (quite frankly dodgy, but I can tweak this later) cover on the Nanowrimo website. You can check them out here.

I haven’t given up on my Splintered Earth series. Rough (seriously rough!) draft of the second book of this is sitting in Scrivener (and the back of my brain) stewing. 😉

If you are doing Nanowrimo, feel free to friend me on the website.

Writing Prompt #2

She knelt down and reached a hand through the iron bars.
“Go away.”
“It’s okay,” she said. “I’ve found a way to fix you.”


Another writing prompt! Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Are you interested in seeing free content from me online?

I wanted to run an idea I’ve been toying with past you all.

I’m working on a few different writing ideas, as well as developing the second novel in the Splintered Earth series. What I’m thinking of doing is posting up some of my writing in the earlier stages of drafting, as free content. This would help me by getting feedback on what I’ve written, and also encourage me to write a little quicker and keep my motivation up. I would then be able to post up ideas and shorter stories I’m toying with, as well as work that is more developed towards a proper novel sized piece of work.

Once I get feedback and continue to develop them like this (and decide that something in particular is going to become a novel) I would take the free content down and proceed through re-writing, editing, etc, like I normally do, and release on Amazon (or other avenues if I can get into them… 😉 ) But of course this would mean that the actual content would quite likely change drastically between the first time being posted, and finally being published.

There are a few platforms I can post on. The ones I’m looking at for the moment are:

Inkitt – I’ve already got a profile on here, and a few things posted. This site ends up looking really clean and pretty, but seems to have a fairly small community, so sometimes hard to get feedback. You also can’t post feedback unless you’re a member.

Wattpad – This is a lot bigger than Inkitt, and I think it’s easier to post comments and feedback. I haven’t posted anything on this one before, but it looks pretty good.

Fiction press – I think this has been around for ages.

On this blog – Of course, the other option is just to post any bits of writing straight to this blog. But that does limit feedback to people who follow, or stumble upon it. Obviously if I post on the other platforms, I would make sure to include a link to it from the blog.

But what I want to know for the moment is: is anyone interested in seeing my writing before it reaches final stages and is published? Leave me a comment, or click here to fill out the short poll and let me know. Thanks everyone. 🙂

Cairns Writers Festival

I went to the Cairns Writers Festival over the last weekend. I had a great time and learnt a few things, and also came across some good information and contacts for furthering my writing and publishing.


I arrived in Cairns about 2PM and dropped off my books at the festival book shop. I hadn’t seen anyone buy a copy by the time I left the book store but a teenage boy picked up a copy and looked at it… then his mother made him put it back.


Started off with an interesting session on writers that have switched from non-fiction to fiction. I bought a book which was part of a series by Craig Cormick, who was one of the writers on the session panel . He has a science background; the book itself is an amalgamation of fantasy and historical characters and folk tales. So that should be an interesting read. I also attended a session on crime writing (both fiction and true crime) and my Mum (yes I went with my Mum) bought the fiction crime book so I’m going to pinch that off her when she’s done. (Note: It is handy to have family members who like similar stuff to you, as paperback books are fairly expensive and you can share!)

I also talked with a guy from an assisted publishing company. I’m going to send him some of my files, and if they’re approved, they’ll offer me a contract to help publish my books. So I’ve got an avenue for getting my books out to more locations (bookstores, online, etc), you know, should it be well written enough. Here’s hoping!


Today I went to some sessions on publishing. I learnt a few things about how I might be able to access/approach traditional publishers. Apparently approaching them is easier than getting a literary agent at the moment! Which may not necessarily be a bad thing.

In the afternoon I went to a session on creating characters with Anna Campbell. As I want to improve my writing of characters. I seem to be on the right track. Covered information like revealing character through dialogue and secondary characters. So more like revealing your characters through your writing style and techniques.

All in all, had a good time! 😀

Camp Nanowrimo – Week 4

Well… I’ve been really slack keeping my journal up to date. I’ve been writing most days, but haven’t made it anywhere near my target of 70,000 words. My current word count is 47,000 words.

I’ve decided that my optimal for writing in a month is 50,000 words, which I’ve done before. This pace works well as I’m not rushing to get out words, but am able to think a little bit as I type (and between doing actual writing) about what’s happening, and what’s going to happen next.

However, I do now I have 47,000 words that cover most of my plot. I know what’s happening and that I have enough content to write this novel. So, new goal, I will be aiming to finish off my rough/first draft by the 12th of August. At which point I will start rearranging and editing!

Camp Nanowrimo – Week 3

Week 1.
Week 2.

Week 3 of Nanowrimo! This one’s a little patchy. I’ve been getting in as much writing as I can, but have done an absolutely shocking job of this journal. So, here’s what I actually got…

Okay, I’ve seriously been neglecting the daily journal. But… squee! My story is powering along and my characters have started telling me what I’m doing wrong with them and how they should be written. As of this point, I am not 100% sure who my main villain is, but I’m sure they’ll make it known closer to the end (too many of my characters are doing dumb things… makes it hard). And my protagonist has finally started thinking for herself and making decisions and propelling the plot. Guess she got tired of people dragging her around.

It’s lunch time, and I’ve written 2000 words. I’m into the action bits and it’s powering along nicely. I really need to do some more after lunch but I’m taking a break as I need fuel. I’m starting to think 70,000 words in a month is too much for me, it ends up that I’m trying to spew out a ton of words rather than thinking about what happens next. 50,000 I can probably do, so will see what I end up with at the end of the month.

As of week end total word count: 42,307

Camp Nanowrimo – Week One

I decided I’d start a blog/log for writing my draft of the sequel to Control. I’m doing ‘Camp Nanowrimo’, and I’ve set my target for 70,000 words in the month of July. Which is huge! The best I’ve done in a month is just over 50,000. So, I thought I’d record my progress and how I’m feeling each day, and record it in my blog.

I’ll put it up into the blog weekly (probably on Saturday), because on top of writing 70,000 words, its going to be a bit much to update it each day. Also, I’m sure everyone doesn’t want to see me stressing about writing, each and every day. I’ll try not to edit the original entries when I type them up though, cause I want to keep it accurate.

So, I have no idea how this will turn out. I hope it will be encouraging, should I manage to hit the 70,000 words. I’ll also try and do up a summary at the end of this of everything I’ve learned trying to smash out a huge draft in a month, and whether it actually works. This will either turn out encouraging, amusing, or highly depressing, so here goes…

Here’s my log for week 1. Well, most of it. I only decided to start this on the 4th.

Day 4 (or you could call it Day 3, because I didn’t do anything on the 1st of July!!!)

Still having trouble getting writing zone/flow. Maybe this is because I’m at the start of the story (I need to get into the action!) Or I needed to plot better… I’ve got 1524 words so far. It’s 10AM. I’m going to go plot/think over Rebecca’s character arc now. I think she’s about as confused as me right now. But I need to know where she’s going or it might be nowhere. D:

Went at it again after plotting. Hit 2500 words! Woot. Now I’m off to have some coffee.

Day 5

Wrote 2300 words in an hour. After work. I now feel like death. o-O I feel like the story kinda going slwo, but maybe I just need to get into the action bits.

Day 6

Wrote ~1700 words. Felt absolutely dead from work. But sat down and wrote anyway and got some done, even though I didn’t feel like it. The importance of sitting down and starting… is important. Yeah, I’m tired.

Day 7

2300 words. Whoo! Didn’t think I would make it but then I got into character development.

Day 8

I logged nothing down for this day… but I think I wrote about 1500 words and then crashed…

Day 9 (today)

So I wrote 2400 words this morning. Which is my quota for the day. But I’m still behind, so I need to write some more later. Yay for weekends. I’ve just started getting into some great character development/tension between Nick and Rebecca… which I won’t go into detail on as I don’t want to spoil anything… but I will just say its driving me to write more so I can find out what they are both thinking/feeling. I also know what I want to do a few scenes ahead, so I’m excited about sitting down and writing those… once my brain recovers from the 2400 word stint this morning. I need food.

Ps: Is me telling you about my writing my first draft in a month helpful? Let me know in the comments below, or if there’s anything else you’d like to hear about from me!